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Faraday Porteur – An e-bike in the familiar retro bicycle style
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Faraday Porteur – An e-bike in the familiar retro bicycle style

Have a look at the bi-cycle below. Looks the familiar, good old vintage bicycle isn’t it? But then this is not any ordinary bicycle.

What you see is Faraday Porteur e-bike in a retro style. Classic yet contemporary bicycle and an e-bike! Am sure you are loving it!

It all began as a concept e-bike conceptualized by a design team from the design firm IDEO for the Oregon Manifest bicycle design contest and went on to bag the award as well as everyone’s attention. Boosted by the award and raves, the lead man of the design team, Adam Vollmer went ahead and launched Faraday Bicycles, to make the concept bike into a commercial mainstream venture.

The dual ability of the cycle that allows you to pedal it and sweat out as a regular bicycle as well as effortlessly ride as an e-bike in an attractive retro style inspired by the classic European delivery bikes of the 1940’s and 50’s with the state-of-the-art technology is sure to find a lot of fan following and buyers for the new age bike an.

The Lithium-ion batteries are seamlessly integrated into the frame alongside sporting a laser-engraved trim, wooden mudguards and a custom aluminum chain, giving it a clean, uncluttered aesthetic design appeal. Faraday’s high-powered LED headlights and taillights are built into the frame and controlled by an ambient light sensor so they come on automatically at dusk, cool isn’t it?

Moreover charging is not a pain either. Faraday’s compact AC adapter is no larger than the charger for your laptop, and recharges the Faraday in just 45 minutes. Whoa! we want to own one now!

So it’s no wonder that the project has bagged a $ 159,496 funding in kickstarter in less than a months time.

Ok, I know you are raring to pre-book one? Erm… the production model would cost you $3,500.

The e-bike is available in S,M and L size.

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