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Build your own zombie apocalypse car at this Hyundai garage
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Build your own zombie apocalypse car at this Hyundai garage

You would have seen many zombie apocalypse movies but have you ever wondered about your own survival in an apocalypse era? Hyundai has opened an virtual garage where you can customize your own zombie apocalypse car from a choice of three Hyundai vehicles: the Veloster Turbo, Santa FE and Elantra.

There are around 300 parts to strengthen your offense, defense, speed and stealth to ward off the walking deads baying for your blood. The deal is to build your car with the best permutation and combination of spare parts that you think will give you the best survivability in an world apocalypse run down by zombies.

Once you choose your car, you are set to grease your hands in the virtual garage where you can have choose right from the choice of colors to nearly 300 zombie-fighting features that include knife blades for door protection to automatic shotguns, machine guns and flamethrowers. Oh, you can even go-for-the-kill-on-the-move with spinning saw blades on your wheels. You can even add titanium or aluminum armor and much more of the defensive and offensive weapons and defensive mechanisms.

When your car is done and out of garage, the app gives a score sheet and predicts your likelihood of zombie apocalypse survival. Additionally, you can share your vehicle on facebook and twitter.

Here is the first car I build and gives me a 74% survivability. Hmm.. have to revisit the garage to better this.


So all set for building your own vehicle ? If you are desktop you can visit The Walking Dead Chop Shop and the app is also available for Apple users on App Store but Android users has to wait a little more before Hyundai opens their chop shop in Play store.

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